Friday Fitness Tips; Boring Water Be Gone!

Fantastic Water with Fruit!


Okay so you always hear talk about water and how important it is for your body to keep you alive and functioning at your best.  You see it in the news, you read it online, and now you might even be getting preached to about it from someone who was recently a soda addict turned water crusader!  Well it may not be that dramatic, but you get the idea.  The bottom line is, you know high quality H20 is good for you and you have been thinking to yourself, it’s time I did something about my current state of being and went back to the drawing board.  Well this post should be just what you need to keep you interested in drinking more water and have a little fun with it to boot!

In this post I am going to share how to spruce up your boring water and Mother Nature’s own stuff so you can get yourself off that stupid soda, or manufactured tea, or anything else that is massed produced, that also may be laced with sugar – the real enemy to your fitness, weight loss, and general well-being goals.  So let’s get to it.

water with fruitWater does not have to be boring when you know what to do with it!  Listen, there are solutions to your ailments my friend, and you DON’T have to get it from your doctor or from some over-the-counter potion in a box all the time.  No way, but what I am about to tell you is for some, so simple, that some will regard this as nonsense.  Notice I said simple – not to be confused with easy. This is so simple, in fact, that you may not even do it, so I hope you prove me wrong.

We have all heard of that energy drink that is supposed to give your five hours of energy right?  Well have you heard about the heart attacks it gave out too?  That is all I have to say about that.


The next time you need a pick-me-up, this is what I want you to do!

  1. Proceed directly to your local grocer or to your garden if you have one and get some frozen fruit with no added sugar.
  2. Fill a picture full of this awesome substance called water or H20.
  3. Cut up the fruit or drop in whole fruit if you go big like me. (I am talking lemon, cucumber, strawberries, other berries, and some peppermint leaves)
  4. Here is the hard part.  Dump all that fruit stuff into the picture of water, let it soak in (I like to overnight it).
  5. Enjoy your water that has no added sugar in it.

fruit with water2013-03-06_14-42-01_754Now I can just about guarantee that you will feel better, have more energy, and eventually start to crave water and good old fashioned fruit like nature intended if you get into making a better choice about your health and well-being.  The picture you see here is my own blend of strawberries and lemon.  Later I added peppermint leaves.  Yummy, and just in time for the warmer weather!

Granted this may take some planing, and yes you may need to find that old picture that you normally use to make home-made southern iced tea.  You know the stuff that is LOADED with sugar!  Come on, don’t act like you never made it before.

Some of us may have to go and buy a picture to start doing this.  That is okay, they are like a dollar or something like that at the dollar store, so get it done!

It’s funny how some people will sit out in public overnight for weeks for some crazy sale, or for a concert, or some other crazy event, which takes planning but when it comes to simple things one can do on their own, they will just kinda ignore it, or pretend that the elephant is not in the room and just took a crap on the carpet. Priorities I suppose.  That is all I have to say about that.

Alright, I hope I have given you some content you can use to make a more positive IMPACT on your own life!  I hope you are INSPIRED to do something about your current state of wellness.  And if you are a health “expert” and don’t need any of this.  Well thanks for reading and sharing it with someone less fortunate than you!  Now if you want to catch up on the blogs about local, raw, organic honey and my honey dealer, click here!

As for me, this plane has landed, the passengers are now with their loved ones and we are re-fueling for the next flight next Friday!  I am Xavier Smith, aka, Mr. XL Smith, and I have enjoyed having you with us on this flight!  Until next time my friends.  Be well.



  1. looks very tasty!!!

  2. Kathy Drehobl says:

    Mine is steeping as we speak!

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