Friday Fitness Tips – Field Operations (Office Drills)

Friday Fitness Tips

Operation Office Drills

Alrighty soldier, ATTENTION, and lock it up until the commander has left the building!  Just kidding, but seriously folks, we are in the field today as you can see and I am coming at you from a different angle in preparation for the look of the new site that is coming soon, so I hope you are ready for it and thank you in advance for riding this Xcellent train of success with us!

So I am going to give you the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, AND WHY so as to be as brief but informative as possible.  While maintaining a sense of humor to keep you entertained enough to maybe pass this on to just one other person (hint, hint).  Yes I will admit that I am not too proud to ask you for your support by sending this to one of your friends.  After all, a closed mouth does not get fed right?

Speaking of feedings, although today’s post was about two things you can do in your workplace, you would be very wise to employ some discipline when it comes to not only your activity but also your nutrition.  Your body does a pretty good job of telling you (and others for that matter) what you have been consuming on a regular basis, so be advised!

Okay as promised here is the…

WHO:  Xavier Smith, aka, Mr. XL Smith, ha, that would be me the one writing this blog post.

What: This is your weekly Friday Fitness Tips Post and today this post covers two drills you are hereby ordered (more like encouraged to do since you are likely not in the military and neither am I any more now that I think about it) to engage in when you are conducting your required service at your respective place of work!

Where:  Well you can do this at your workplace, like I just said, but really you are not limited by this one location, as you are encouraged to do more if you feel like doing more and do it in more places.  Use your imagination.

When:  Again, at the time of posting the intention was for you to do this everyday in your workplace but really anytime you can especially if your boss person is up for it.  The more the better.

Why:  Well this is an easy one for me.  If you have been following my work, you know by now that I had the heart attack at 29, and if you are just joining us, well, I had a heart attack at 29.  No it was not a huge heart attack for those of you who want to compare stories but it was enough for me to think about the choices I mad until that point and the habits I developed which led up to that event.  So my main motivation for leading a lifestyle of wellness is because I would rather not die, at least like that way or have another heart attack that could be much worse than the first time!

Bonus part!

“Operation Transparency”

I call this operation transparency because I have hard time trying to beat around the bush or using smoke and mirrors, just to get you to do something I want you to do.  I much rather lead by example, and if I do want you to do something, I will ask you, and if you feel so inclined you will and if not you won’t… fair enough?  Okay so here it goes.

I do my best to be as straight punching as possible and give you something that will be beneficial to you in your life (what I call “Living The Mission).  As such I really like it when you take the time to read what is posted and you comment, share and let me know your feeling what you read or listen to, so thank you to those who do that on a regular basis, and for those who will start giving me feedback (good or bad does not matter to me) I say thank you as well!

Now I am kind of sensitive to indifference, as I got enough of that as a child so I must admit it does feel good to know if you like where I am going, or even if you don’t like it.  Saying something is much better than being indifferent about it!

So to be clear about this part, I am asking you to comment, and share and I thank you in advance for your support.

I am out!



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