Friday Fitness Tips – Osteoporosis And Soda

Osteoporosis and Soda

osteoperosis and bone healthHey, you still drinking that soda!?  Well it’s okay, I suppose, only if you are okay with your bones breaking down over time!  That is what we are getting into with this post and welcome to your Friday Fitness Tips from yours truly.

In this, the second part of a few more parts, I am going to shed more light on the subject of that fizzy beverage that may or may not be in your hands or pantry at this very moment.  Of course we are talking about soda and all the wonderful benefits of it – NOT!

Last week we talked about your oral health as it pertains to soda, so if you missed that one be sure to click here to catch up on that!  This week, we are moving into your bones, you know the frame of your body that keeps you from turning into a slab of skin and organs on the floor.

Now we all know the importance of keeping the body moving and placing some form of resistance on your bones to keep them nice, healthy and strong right?  We at least we should know.

Well today I am leaving you with this nugget of information that will hopefully add itself to your memory banks and get you to think about making better choices about what you are putting into your mouth.

So think in terms of a pillar like what was used to build the great Roman empire.  You got that in your head?  Really strong right?  In fact, some pillars from that era are still standing today.  This would be an example of the bones in your body.

Now think in terms of a sponge.  Think about how easy it is to squeeze the contents out of one with your hands.  Okay you got that in your head?  This would be an example of what soda could do to the bones in your body.  Alright now here is the nugget of information I want you to let sink into your head and stay there!

Soft drinks have a ton of phosphoric acid in them.  So if you are drinking that stuff more than you should be, just know that diets high in this acid have been linked to increased risk of osteoporosis.  Furthermore, when you pee, your urine takes along with it the calcium, thereby depriving your bones of the most essential nutrient! The essential nutrient that keep your bones nice and healthy!

Something you might already know is 80% percent of people affected by osteoporosis are women.  The other 20%?  You guessed it – men.  So us men are not exempt.

So are you starting to think to yourself there are much better choices I could make?  Well if so, I may hat is off to you because there are!  Have you tried the fruit infused water yet?  Good stuff, all natural, and great for an energy boost.  Come on, just try it already!

Okay so that is my time and this plane has landed so do me a favor and let your captain know if you had a nice flight.  Well in this case, what I really want you to do is comment on this post.

Next time, I will talk about Soda and obesity!  Stay tuned and thank you for being with us.

I am out!



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